Why Use Anti-Fatigue Mats

12 hours on concrete or flat, fatigued anti-fatigue matting causes aching back and feet, sore joints, fatigue and grumbling-conditions that are easily remedied by a good anti-fatigue mat.

SOFT- MAT- the industrial, soft, ¾” anti-fatigue mat is now in over 1000 industrial plants and over 1000 pharmacies and labs, and designed and manufactured with ergonomic considerations.

Anti-fatigue mats from Work Accessories are made to help:
  • Maintain circulation and promote venous return
  • Ease joint stress and lessen joint deterioration
  • Lessen fatigue from walking and standing
  • Reduce long term effects from prolonged standing

The pattern top (and bottom) make the mat reversible and kind to joints when twisting and turning.

The SOFT-MAT is easy to clean, non-marking, light weight, and any length is available.