Anti-Fatigue Mats

Our anti-fatigue mats are 3/4" thick, soft, comfortable, and durable. They are made of tough foam Nitrile rubber that is chemical and oil resistant, nonabsorbent, and very light weight. Our anti-fatigue matting comes in rolls, pre-cut pieces, or custom-cut specialty pieces, and address ergonomic, safety, and financial concerns.


  • SOFT - 50 to 55 durometer closed cell foam nitrile rubber
  • LONG LASTING - High Nitrile(NBR) rubber content. NBR rubber materials have a high abraision resistance
  • OIL, GREASE, and CHEMICAL RESISTANT - NBR Rubber has one of the highest resistances to almost all dry and liquid compounds
  • ABSORBTION - Closed cell foam make the mat completely non absorbent
  • NON-SLIP - Deep pattern in molded version give 50% contact with shoes: shallower pattern in extruded form; a smooth surface is also available
  • LIGHT WEIGHT - High air content foam; Easy to clean and move; A non-slip under pad is available for dry areas; <9# per Sq/ft. extruded; <7# per sq/ft molded
  • ¾” THICK and BEVELED EDGES - All sides have 45 degree no trip bevel
  • HOMOGENEOUS MAT - One piece mat; no laminated parts
  • ANY SIZE - From 14” x 21” Kneeling pads to 60” x 218’ runners (automotive engine plant)
  • ANTIMICROBIAL - Mats have inhearently antimicrobial compounds (temporary)
  • WARRANTY - Factory warranty